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Thanks for connecting with us at Living Stones Ministries and Worship Center. We are a new church with highly experienced and esteemed leadership from Pastor – Reverend Dr. Cheviene Jones and Co-Pastor Berta Jones. Our mission is to lead people to Jesus Christ. We want to fellowship with you and encourage you to develop a relationship with our Lord and Savior. We will help you foster that relationship through Bible study, prayer, worship, and opportunities for leadership within the church. It is an honor and a privilege to serve as an inspiration to people who want stewardship in the Body of Christ. “Are you ready for an inspirational church that will challenge you to reach higher? Are you ready to begin your walk with Christ? Are you ready to be activated with the growth of a new church? If so, we are waiting for you to join us for worship service.” Rev. Dr. Cheviene Jones    

Come & Visit Us:

3876 Leprechaun Court Decatur, GA 30034

Phone: (404)-680-4979